Build houses for bats

Many people might still believe that bats aren’t important. Perhaps it is all about their appearance, as lots of people feel fear and repulsion, whenever they see one. Hopefully you are reading this article so that you can find out more about bats and the impact they have on our world. More than this, you will understand why building a bat house is quite important.

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The bat species is in decline and if you’re willing to assist them, you can give them shelter. Building or buying a bat house will offer a steady home for them and this, believe it or not, can bring you some advantages as well.
You may place a couple of bat homes in your garden, your yard, and even in a nearby wooded area. To repay you, they will “hunt” all the night insects, maintaining this natural balance in your surroundings.
As an excellent predator, a single bat will capture thousands of insects and mosquitoes per night. A whole colony will certainly protect all the farms and gardens in your area, so everyone will use less pesticide.
So as to get bats to assist you with your “pests”, you need to offer them a great place to live. Bat houses are similar to bird houses, but you do have to make certain you get one specifically designed for bats. Bats like to roost together so having a larger home for them is vital.
When selecting a bat house you have to keep in mind bats like warm, tight spaces. So as to satisfy this requirement, you should place the bat home where the sun will shine most of the day.
The bat house should be put in a high place, so predators won’t reach them. Another thing you will need to bear in mind is to be certain if the bat house is painted that water based paints have been used, since they are odorless and the bats won’t be repelled by a paint odor.
Bats also need water, so putting their new house near a water source is to their advantage. This could be a pond or stream nearby or even a large bowl of water placed where they can reach it with no predators getting to it. Think of creating a “working” relationship with the bats in your area. You provide them a place to live and they will help you to get rid of all the insects and pests that you have in your area. It’s a win-win situation. You can callĀ Rockledge Raccoon Removal for more information on installing these.

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