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If your morning begins like most people, your wake up comes in the very first sip of coffee and as you finish the first cup–or sometimes the second or third cup–you are finally ready to accept the world and face the day. But during the warm muggy days of summer, that steaming cup of coffee leaves much to be desired, so you frequently need to make a choice to either increase your body temperature much higher and sweat even more or go with no caffeine jumpstart in the morning. Needless to say, there’s one other option and that is delicious iced coffee.

Iced coffee is the same from regular coffee. It may be caffeinated or decaf. You can drink it with milk-which can become a latte if made with java –or just iced cream and coffee.

There is a debate among brewed coffee aficionados concerning the appropriate manner of making this beverage The processes vary among coffee baristas, also. Some just make a pot of coffee, letting it cool slightly and then pour it on ice.

While brewed tea was always the most popular summer beverage, brewed coffee is now moving quickly up the popularity ladder to maneuver tea. Part of this reason is that the fresh brewed coffee beverages that taste much more like an ice cream pleasure than a cup of java. The trend may have begun with frappuccinos and then sailed out to frozen lattes and other cold coffee delights. A Frappuccino is very similar to a cappuccino just blended with ice and topped with tasty whipped cream–if you would like. Sometimes, additional flavorings added to the Frappuccino make a much more exotic drink. Mocha, caramel and vanilla are some of the favorites. When you add extra steamed milk, it will become an iced latte or invert how that you add the components, putting the milk before the espresso and you’ve got a macchiato.

Whether you enjoy your ice cold coffee straight up, with sugar and cream, additional flavoring or make it into a Frappuccino, iced coffee is the perfect way to enjoy your favourite wake up drink and stay cool at exactly the same time.

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