Benefits of Tomatoes

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The tomato is a superbly versatile and popular fruit that comes in a numerous varieties that vary in shape, size and color. They include; green tomato, little cherry tomatoes, bright yellow berries and Italian pear-shaped tomatoes.

They are prepared and served like other vegetables, which explains the reason why they are typically categorized as such though in reality, they’re citrus fruits. Only the fruits of these plants can be consumed as their leaves may contain concentrations of particular problematic alkaloids.

You should pick the right tomatoes to be able to enjoy them fully. The best tomatoes should be well shaped and smooth skinned with no cracks, cracks, bruises or maybe a puffy appearance. They must also be well preserved to avoid rotting. Because of its acidity content, they are well preserved in cans.

There are several tomato products on the market for consumers such as tomato ketchup, tomato sauce. There are 5 major health benefits related to tomatoes.

Tomatoes are known to have potassium as well as nutrients such as niacin and vitamin B 6 that are associated with reducing cardiovascular events like heart disease. Lycopene rich foods like tomato juice, tomato sauce, pizza and even tomato fruits also help in reducing cardiovascular diseases.

Tomatoes contain antioxidants like vitamin c that help in preventing damage to ones DNA and even ward off age related diseases like diabetes. They help mop up harmful free radicals in the body which could harm your body.

· Ward off cancer

Tomatoes are known to contain a substance called lycopene that produces the cancer protective effect. It is known to help in the fight against prostate, pancreatic, lung and even stomach cancer.

This material is also in charge of its red color. Lycopene in addition to carotenoid phytochemicals are better absorbed by the human body when cooked with olive oil. Organic tomatoes have higher concentrations of lycopene.

· Healthy bones

Tomatoes contribute to formation of healthy bones and even help keep your blood vessels quite flexible. This is because they are a fantastic source of potassium citrate and vitamin k.

In addition to this, tomatoes help reducing high blood pressure as it contains potassium citrate. Tomato consumption is also known to lower the risk of getting osteoporosis; a brittle bone disease that may cause bone fractures, disability and deformity.

· Better skin

Lycopene promotes pro-collagen; a molecule in your body that keeps your skin quite youthful and firm looking. This molecule is also known to prevent sun burns.

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